We either stick to our gym or go for a swim. We either play tennis or do early-morning yoga. And once we find our comfort zones, we don’t budge. It’s human nature. But when you’ve hit a plateau, it’s time to mix your exercise regimen. Adopt the no-strings-attached approach to exercise – no commitment to one kind of routine If you make your body do something repetitively over a period of time, it will hit a plateau — your body will get so accustomed to the workout that it won’t have to work any harder to do the same thing — thus resulting in zero progress in terms of muscle gain, increase in strength and overall weight loss. Fitness expert Kiran Sawhney says, “The best part about a mixed workout is that no two workouts are the same, so you get to try out new forms of exercise, and learn about all their benefits.” Variation makes achieving fitness goals faster as you are hitting your muscles in different ways, angles and intensities. “Mixing different exercises also improves one’s flexibility, speed, agility, body balancing and functional capacity. It aids fat loss and muscle strengthening at a faster pace,” says celebrity fitness trainer Neeraj Mehta.

Dermee Brotea 10-day mixed workout plan for a fitter body